Design Sprint

Innovate better and faster

Design new or improved solutions to solve your business challenges in just 4 days. 

Choosing the right business analyst can mean the difference between success and failure when managing a complex design project.


With over 20 years of experience and a passion for creative thinking, system88 will help to validate, challenge and extend your ideas to enable true innovation.

We recognise that some of the best ideas live inside people’s heads and we’re good at uncovering hidden inventions. ​We can facilitate team or individual sessions and bring a fresh set of eyes to offer a new perspective to your business.

We're committed to helping our clients achieve the very best process and solution to support their business needs and deliver value. 


The design sprint transforms ideas into a prototype, enabling you to test a new concept and gather feedback, in just 4 days.   It allows you to get a glimpse of the potential future without making any significant investments.

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