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We love what we do

We have a genuine passion for helping our customers to succeed.  With over 20 years of real-world experience, we take pride in 'minding the gap' between business productivity and digital innovation.


Official name 'Diaethria Clymena', but also commonly known as the 88 butterfly.  

The butterfly represents the transformation to future state and 88 is also a symbol of fortune and good luck.

The company was founded to make it easy for businesses to manage improvements to their operating processes.


Why 88? 

It's borrowed from this little beauty from Peru...

Part of a global network of process improvement and digital transformation experts

Whilst we focus on process improvement services, we have a trusted partner network to help us deliver the revolutionary technologies; Hardware, software and digital services.


We are to a business what a fitness coach is to their class. 


We don’t lead with solutions, we look after the end-to-end journey and, like a fitness coach, that includes figuring out the mechanics and practising consistency before driving intensity and therefore performance improvement.

To meet the changing needs of a business, we recognise that process improvement is a journey of continual experimentation and decision making.  We help our customers to navigate this journey and help them to them to adapt to internal and external demands. 


Ultimately, we help to remove unnecessary and unwarranted waste and support businesses in making smarter investments in workforces, experiences and technology.

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