Work time is what we love...


we live for it and have a genuine passion for helping our customers to succeed.  With over 20 years of real-world experience, we take pride in 'minding the gap' between business productivity and digital innovation.

The company was founded to make it easy for businesses to manage the stages of digital transformation. Technology is moving so fast and companies often select new solutions for which there is little or no business case and later find that it doesn’t meet their needs.

Why eighty eight?

'88' is borrowed from this little beauty from Peru... Official name 'Diaethria Clymena', but also commonly known as the 88 butterfly.


The butterfly represents the transformation to future state and 88 is a symbol of fortune and good luck. 

In house, we also call him Bob because the pattern looks like two letter B’s.  Do we wish that we called the company SystemBob? Yes, that would’ve also been amazing!

We are to businesses what a fitness coach is to their class. 


Imagine if a fitness coach just threw a Fitbit at his student and said, "There you go, crack on." We don’t lead with a technology solution, we look after the end-to-end experience and like a fitness coach that includes figuring out the mechanics and practising consistency before driving intensity and therefore performance improvement.

We also recognise that digital transformation is a journey of continual reinvention, to meet the emerging needs of the business and help them to adapt to internal and external demand. 

We help to prevent unnecessary and unwarranted waste and support businesses in making smarter investments in digital technology.

Part of a global network of technology experts

Whilst we lead with consultative services, we have a trusted digital partner network to help us deliver the right technology at the right time. Hardware, software or services.


System88 Limited

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